Three stainless steel pipes, six millimeter in diameter come together to support a single leaf and flower. The leaf rests on one of the three pipes, and supports the flower. The thin structure and suspension allow for a gentle sway, similar to reeds in the wind the leaf sways with the vibrations and currents in the room. The structure also provides a conduit for electricity running to the lighting elements.

The leaf is constructed by layering cut pvc membranes to create the overall form. Inside the leaf are the two light sources. The secondary source casts an ambient glow across the ceiling. The primary luminous source is in the flower. This light luminates directly below providing ample light for reading. As a luminous object, it produces gradations and shadows both in the ‘flower’ region of the fixture and in the surrounding room. With small adaptation The Leaf can also be utilized as an exterior or garden lamp.

The Leaf was presented in the context of the Greek Secretariat of Industrial Design Exhibition hosted by Bartesera Athens, Greece. (14 December 2009 - 16 January 2010)
The Leaf was exhibited at 100% design 2011 in London, UK. (22-25 September 2011)

Nikos Georgiadis, Tota Mamalaki, Kostas Kakoyiannis, Vaios Zitonoulis

Collaborating Architect:
Andromachi Damala

Design Team:
Nikos Georgiadis, Vaios Zitonoulis, Julia Desli, Archontis Karanasios, Andromachi Damala

Architectural Assistant:
Emma Victoria Savvaidi