This is a major exhibition showroom of SEYDAP, an upcoming powerful Greek company (Association of Mechanics and Plumbers) which involves both retail and wholesale trade of B&K utilities, sets, accessories, wall & floor material and tiles. The design includes the interior space and the display units of the showroom as well as the new logotype and the advertising imagery/profile of the firm (one of the biggest of its kind in Greece). It has been worked as a pilot-design which is going to be applied on all nine branches of the company later.

The design concept was based on the element of water considered both as moving wave-form, and as still, calm reflecting surface. The first inspired the major design structures of the interior and exterior space. The second inspired the logotype and the advertising imagery.

Two major design themes are proposed:
a) Wave-form structures that rise from the ground and constitute large display units for kitchen and bathroom sets and appliances. These units often extend to the exterior of the store and form arcades and sheds.
b) Vertical Tubes which appear as broken blue columns which form the displays of small size items and accessories. The lower part of the tube forms the actual display surface, whereas the upper tube serves as a lighting system of the unit.

The showroom includes 520 sq.m. space and is located on Mesogeion Avenue, a major high-street on Athens.

The logotype is designed as a mere reflection of the name of the company in black and orange background. The orange colour was proposed to escape the strict exclusiveness of water, and also allude to heating, an area on which the company also specializes in its other branches.

To be updated