The projects which are presented here are projects whose design and realisation were systematically based on the philosophy and design principles of Anamorphosis.
Spatial Monuments
The Cultural Park of the Hellenic Cosmos (CPHC,complexes A,B,C), Athens,Greece
The Exhibition and Research centre (complex A),Athens, Greece
The Art and Education Centre (complex B),Athens, Greece
The Museum of The Hellenic World (complex C),Athens, Greece
Proposal for the Extension and Renovation of The Maritime Museum of Greece
Remodelling of the Archaeological site of the Byzantine Church, 'Taxiarches'
New Acropolis Museum, Athens
Spatial Scenarios
Technopolis Cinema Complex, Ammoudara, Crete
Elemental Competition for the innovative construction of 7 low-cost housing communities in Chille
Hellenic Cosmos Thematic Park, Athens
Remodelling of the Archaeological site of the Byzantine Church, 'Taxiarches'
Reconstruction of the Souks of Beirut, Lebanon
Space in Motion
Urban Proposal for the Western Entrance into the City of Athens
Urban Proposal for the Entrance into the City of Neuchatel Serrires, Switzerland
The Persistence of Materiality and Form
Internarional Ideas Competition for the design of a Performing Arts Centre, Nodeul Island, Seoul, Korea
Exhibition Centre of The Hellenic Cosmos Park, Building "7"
'The Wave', Queensland Modern Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
'The Twisted House', Vertical Extension of Sculptor's House, Athens
Overrealizing the Function
Office Building, Piraeus
The Stepping Staircase, 'Pavillion' Home-Fashion retail, Athens
Office furniture shop, Athens
Staircase of Vertical Extension of Sculptor's House, Athens
Thematizing/Extending the Object
Ideal Standard Bathroom Exhibition Showroom, Athens
Barakos Opticians, Patras
Sportlife' exercise equipment radio advertisement
Pavillion' Home-Fashion retail, Athens
Vasileiou Opticians, Athens
Rasia Boutique, Athens
Public Bar, Athens
Localising the Brand
'Very Important Watches' Exhibition, Hilton, Athens
Audiovisual Exhibition, Hilton, Athens
Mythical Space
Greek Mythology Park Installations, Athens
Natural Gas Supply Company of Attica, Exhibition stand, Athens
The Aegean Sea, Moving Installation
Art and Architecture
The Snow Show, Finland
Open Air Cinemas
Urban Fantasy', computer animation piece
The Postcard', computer animation piece
'I am not the man you think I am', transparency in lightbox art piece
Urban Fantasy', transparency in lightbox art piece
'Stranger than Ourselves', Architectural Design Magazine, cover design
'Maybe she was giving me material for the painting', CD cover design
Spatial Image
Sportlife Gym Equipment Stores, Athens
Papassotiriou' bookshops magazine advertisement
'Theta-mi' hi-end speakers magazine advertisement
'Nivea' cream branding concept
Logo Designs
Research/Theoretical Work
Open Air Cinemas
Tracing Architecture', Architectural Design Magazine